Tororo SHI Centre for Global Health

The SHI Centre for Global Health at Tororo is being established to provide a unique setting linking global health research, training and mentorship, to community service. The Centre is run by the Science and Health Impact Group (SHI) in partnership with local and international partners.

Tororo is a unique location, situated at the border between Uganda and Kenya. Tororo served as research hub for the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for many years, and retains a world class BSL2 laboratory and research infrastructure. While some of the staff from the legacy CDC research programs have left, some of the work and personnel has transitioned to the hospital, and other partners working in the district.

Programs and services

Training and Mentorship

The site will host 3-4 MPH student from various Universities. The students will work on projects in the areas of child survival and development, and global health security including cross border surveillance.

The site will be open for global health students from around the world to horn their skills in global health research, programming and community service. Applications for intake will be open once we are ready.

The site has a number of affiliated Ugandan and foreign faculty available to support students.


We are currently exploring research programs in our areas of focus. 

Expert clinical camps

In the future we plan to use the site to host experts in different fields to provide care to the communities around Tororo in neonatology, neurology, and others.

Community Screening

We plan to provide community health education and early screening programs for non-communicable diseases including hypertension, diabetes, and breast cancer, among others.


SHI facility

Has space for meeting rooms, library, internet connectivity, accommodation for a limited number of guests (upto 5), and related hotel facilities (meals, laundry, sports). Our Tororo facility is 200m away from the historical Tororo Golf Course and club, for those who might be interested in the game.

Our Areas of focus:

  1. Child survival and development with special focus on the linkages between malnutrition and infection, respiratory illnesses (pneumonia, TB), and malaria.
  2. Water and sanitation.
  3. Global health security, especially cross-border surveillance, zoonosis, and training of the health workforce

More about Training and Research Opportunities in Tororo

Tororo Hospital Hub

Tororo hub is the infrastructure left behind by CDC, and now managed by TASO. It largely comprises the Laboratory based at TDH. It was established in 2001, and runby CDC until 2013. A number of studies have been conducted and coordinated from here, covering several districts in eastern Uganda largely in the HIV space. Some of these include: safe water vessel, cotrimoxazole prophylaxis, and Home AIDS Based Care (HBAC), the discordant couple study- Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP).

Routine microbiology unit is fully functional with state of the art culture and sensitivity equipment.Successful FDA audit on the lab was done in 2012 covering CBC, CD4, routine testing, and viral load. Molecular samples are shipped to UVRI Entebbe Uganda.The Lab is part of an EQA scheme; UKNEQAS for CD4, RIQAS for CBC and chemistry, syphilis, HIV, HepB and TB. Hub offers CD4, coulter-CBC, and Cobas Integra-chemistries for Public Health facilities and other partners. 

Surveillance and research activities

Research groups active in the district are Infectious Disease Research Collaboration (IDRC), and Global Health Uganda. IDRC is conducting HIV and malaria studies. Their Tororo research clinic houses the state of the art immunology and parasitology research laboratories and a data centre. The clinic has examination rooms, offices for nurses and clinical officers, a meeting room, a data center, clinical and molecular laboratories, and high speed internet access. The pharmacy has a dedicated temperature controlled storage room and an established system for medication tracking and accountability. Several large cohort clinical research trials and laboratory-based research in malaria, HIV, and TB is ongoing in the clinic. 

The Laboratory has capacity for clinical and molecular studies including culture of malaria parasites, and the harvesting of peripheral blood mononuclear cells to support translational molecular, parasitology, and immunology studies. The clinical and immunology laboratories are operational 7 days a week for malaria blood smears and processing of specimens for future research.The Tororo Placental Histopathology Laboratory is a stand-alone placental laboratory located within 100m of the main clinical and research laboratory. The placental laboratory has all the supplies and equipment needed to generate high quality placental histopathology slides.

Global Health Uganda is conducting studies on the effect of Malaria, HIV and ART on cognition in children.

Tororo general hospital

The hospital has a capacity of 217 beds, with a catchment area population of 50,245. The hospitals serves approx. 3,700expectant mothers, and 7,300under 5s annually. Equipment include x-rays and ultrasound is in place and functional.


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