About Science and Health Impact Group (SHI)

Science and Health Impact Group (SHI) a non-profit organization based in Kampala, Uganda.

Mission Statement

To catalyse integrated delivery of health and other social services to maximize their impact on vulnerable households across Africa

Vision Statement

An Africa where everyone has the opportunity to live a safe, healthy, and productive life

SHI Objectives

The Science and Health Impact Group (SHI) has been established to serve as a transformative and disruptive platform for Africa bearing in mind that

  • Health and health service are largely publically financed, often with heavy reliance on donors. Governments are often constrained to fully finance health, and other social services.
  • Donor funded services and programs are heavily verticalized, leaving value on the table. Integration across sectors is not well understood, often misunderstood, is time consuming, and clouded with uncertainty.
  • The political economy of health in Africa is highly fluid and complex with a global development community passionate about innovations (new drugs, vaccines, diagnostics, technology, and delivery systems) on the one hand, and constrained local actors skeptical of rapid “new ideas, imposed from the outside” on the other.
  • Health security is weak with inadequate planning, and prioritization, putting the rest of the global community at risk.
  • There is a growing civil society but externally perceived to be weak, as well as a budding private healthcare sector with mixed quality and a poorly understood market.

To address these grand challenges of our time, SHI seeks to:

  • Serve as a catalyst bringing together vertical programs to work together; SHI will also design and deliver integrated programs to demonstrate their feasibility and impact
  • Play an interlocutor role, feeding local ideas and concerns into the design phase of ideas, and helping pilot new ideas
  • Serve as a market manager for development assistance programs, using its understanding of local settings to de-risk markets, and increase the probability of success of development investments
  • Provide organizational development support to local African NGOs hungry for institutional development, and management consulting to the private healthcare sector

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